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Explore Our Cathedral

This is a walking tour of St Mary's Cathedral. Feel free to click Start below to see everything in order. Alternatively, select what you'd like to learn about on the location map or from the list below.  

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Cathedral Website Floor Plan.png
Mercy Doors
Harrington St
Choir Loft Door
Passage to Cathedral Centre and office
Nun's Chapel
(not in use)

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Stained-Glass Windows

W1 - Great Chancel window

W2 - Pentecost window 

W3 - Heroic and Saintly Women window

W4 - Rose window

W5 - Our Lady Altar window

W6 - Flight into Egypt window

W7 - Sacred Heart Altar window

W8 - Baptistry window

W9 - Mercy Doors window

Windows of Mary down the Nave

M1 - Our Lady Help of Christians

M2 - Our Lady of Lourdes

M3 - Our Lady of China

M4 - Our Lady Star of the Sea

M5 - Our Lady of the Way

M6 - Our Lady of Immigrants
M7 - Our Lady of Perpetual Succour 

M8 - Our Lady of Victories

Altars & Statues

A1 - Main Altar

A2 - High Altar

A3 - Sacred Heart Altar

A4 - Our Lady Altar

A5 - St Joseph Altar

A6 - St Charles Borromeo

A7 - St Peter

A8 - St Paul



F2 - Cathedra (Seat of the Archbishop)

F3 - Lectern

F4 - Crucifix in Narthex 

F5 - Baptismal Font

F6 - Pipe Organ

F7 - Stations of the Cross

F8 - Divine Mercy Image

F9 - St Maximilian Kolbe Image

F10 - Holy Water Font

Embedded Items

E1 - Terrazzo stars on main aisle

E2 - Terrazzo St Mary's 

E3 - Terrazzo Crosses

E4 - Burial Brass: Very Rev. William Hall D.D.

E5 - Pulpit location (original)

E6 - Archbishop Cathedra location (original)

E6 - Baptismal Font screen 


O1 - Icon of Our Lady 

O2 - Image of Jesus and Refugees

O3 - Crypt Crucifix

O4 - Crypt Archbishops

O5 - L2 Music Room

O6 - L2 Statue of Madonna and Child

O7 - L2 Piano

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