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Music Ministry

The Cathedral Music Ministry consists of professional musicians and keen singers from within the Parish and the local community contributing their God-given talent and donating their spare time to give glory to God in our Masses.

St Mary's Cathedral has always had a strong music centre at the core of its liturgies, beginning with James R. McCann (founder of McCann's Music Shop in Hobart) who was organist of St Mary's Cathedral Choir in the late 1800s. McCann also played an important role in obtaining the exquisite 1893 Fincham & Hobday organ which was brought to Hobart for the concert hall in the Hobart Exhibition Building which stood on the Domain between 1893 and 1896. Having had a few major rebuilds over its lifetime, it's last refurbishment was in 2009 by Wakeley Pipe Organs Pty Ltd. Read more about it here.

It's worth noting that the architect of St Mary's Cathedral and Sacred Heart Church, Mr. Henry Hunter, was choirmaster of St Joseph’s Church for 40 years. 

Music at each Mass

Saturday 6pm Mass
The Saturday Vigil Mass consists of a small groups of singers which sing from Catholic Worship Book II and the Gather 3 hymnals and are accompanied by piano. 
Sunday 8:30am Sacred Heart Church Mass
The Sacred Heart Sunday Mass choir consists of a small groups of singers which sing from the Gather Australia hymnal and utilize the small pipe organ. 
Sunday 10:30am Choired Mass

The 10:30am choir, which was also initially led by James McCann, has also had notable directors such as TSO violinist Alphonso Anthony in the 1970s, Noel Ancell OAM who started a boys choir in the 1980s, to today's volunteer choir which sings each Sunday.


Under Director of Music Clair Stanelos and Organist Greg Stephens, St Mary's choir sing from the Choir Loft in SATB harmony and prepare a motet each week. Thanks to the Cathedral Concert Series, the Cathedral is fortunate to support an organ scholar, Kareem Barton, who plays for some Masses. 

Rehearsals for the 10:30am choir are held weekly in the Cathedral Centre.

Sunday 6pm Mass
The Sunday Evening Mass has one or two cantors who sing from the organ loft, and provides a space for the Cathedral Organ Scholar, Kareem Barton, to play for Mass.
Join the Music Ministry!

The music teams for each Mass are always happy to welcome new members - both singers and organists! If you are interested in joining the Music Ministry for any mass please contact us through the Parish Office or just say hello to the team after Mass.

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