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Ministries of the Parish

As baptized members of the Church, we are all called to bring the love of God into the world.  The Gospel tells us that we are 'other Christs', called to holiness of life and mission, and given spiritual gifts and competencies to share with others.


Our gifts are not given for us alone, but to be used in service for others.  In our Cathedral Parish there are many ministries, activities and groups which are available for our parishioners to join.  You are welcome to use your gifts and talents for the building up of our community. 


The building up of community is important to us as we work together for the Kingdom of God in this world.  Many parishioners are already involved and are always happy to welcome newcomers who share their desire to serve.  Our parish ministries provide you with a wide variety of ways of connecting with the community.  Through our ministries you can grow and flourish both as an individual and within a team, meeting others who share your values, and by reaching out to serve the larger parish.

Within the parish, there are the following areas in which you can become actively involved in Parish life:

  • Lector

  • Being a Eucharistic Minister

  • Greeting people prior to our Masses

  • Altar serving 

  • Choir

  • Being involved as a rostered cleaner of the Cathedral and Cathedral Centre

  • Relief Sacristan assistance

  • Flower arranging

  • Joining our Pastoral Council

  • Joining our Finance and Maintenance Committee

  • Handyman work

  • Relief Office Work

  • Sales assistance at our bookstall

  • Assisting with the Parish's Sacramental Programme

  • Childrens' Liturgy Group


We hope there’s a role for you in our parish.

If you are interested in joining a ministry, please contact us through the Parish Office. 


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