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Sacramental Process For School Aged Children


Our sacramental process follows the guidelines for the Archdiocese, so it is “family centred, parish based and school supported.” Everything we do is firmly based on the understanding that families provide the ground from which the love of God grows, and where children learn how to lead Christian lives. The role of the parish is to be a resource base for families as they undertake the spiritual and moral education of their children. Catholic schools support the process by teaching the Scriptures and the traditions of the Church. One of the aims of the Sacramental Process is to create closer ties between the parish and the families. For this reason, the most appropriate parish for a child’s sacramental preparation is his or her own parish, where the family worships.


In the Hobart Archdiocese the sacraments are celebrated in the order of:


Penance or Reconciliation


Holy Eucharist

Each year the sacramental preparation program for baptised school aged children begins in September, asking for expressions of interest, and commences in earnest with an Information Evening held in October. The preparation program concludes with the celebration of First Holy Eucharist just after the Feast of Pentecost, which falls in May/June, depending on the date of Easter for the given year.


Children who come to us with special circumstances are prepared as appropriate by the Sacramental Team. These might include children over the age of 7 years who are not yet baptised, those who require only some of the Sacraments, for example those who come from another Diocese, where the order of sacraments is different, and so on.  Whatever the need, the Sacramental Team is happy to help.


Families are asked to contribute financially via a donation to the cost of the preparation program.

Sr Monica Shelverton PBVM

Cathedral Parish Pastoral Associate

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