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Clair Stanelos

Director of Music

Born in Hobart, Clair began violin studies at the age of five and later also studied piano, guitar, and voice. Clair has been an active parishioner at St Mary’s Cathedral all her life. She grew up in a musical family, contributing to the Sunday evening mass ensemble from age 5 and additionally as a member of St Mary’s Cathedral choir from age 11. Clair received praise for her TCE composition portfolio, which was performed in concert by the Hobart Chamber Orchestra in 1999. Her dux ranking in pre-tertiary music studies resulted in the award of a scholarship to the UTAS Conservatorium of Music. Under the guidance of Elizabeth Eden, Clair undertook training in conducting and musicianship of sacred music, specialising in 17th Century polyphony. At age 19 Clair became the assistant Director of Music at St Mary’s Cathedral.


Clair has received liturgical formation from Cathy Murrowood and has had an active role in the Diocesan Liturgical Council. In 2009 she became the Director of Music at St Mary’s Cathedral and in 2013, she transferred to Sandy-Bay Taroona parish as their Director of Music and Liturgy. Clair has extensive skills in liturgical music, sacred music repertoire and liturgical texts and rituals. She is experienced in directing and cantoring large and complex liturgical celebrations. Clair worked as product manager and content creator at for 10 years and has had a longer association with various liturgical bodies including the National Liturgical Council. Clair resumed the role of Director of Sacred Music at St Mary’s Cathedral in late 2022.


Clair holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Teaching and has received several academic prizes and scholarships. She is currently a Mathematics, Science and Religious Education teacher at Guilford Young College in Hobart and enjoys sharing her love of sacred music with her students.

Clair Stanelos
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