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St Mary's Cathedral Parish is fortunate to have a committed team of professionals contributing ideas and experience and donating their spare time.


We currently have a joint Finance Committee and Maintenance Committee.


If you feel you could contribute some expertise in these areas please contact the office to register your interest should a vacancy arise.


St Mary’s Cathedral Restoration Commission


The St Mary’s Cathedral Restoration Commission comprises members appointed by the Archbishop of Hobart to support the restoration, refurbishment and conservation of the Cathedral. The Archbishop appoints the Commission Chair and among its members are a number of ex-officio appointments including the Cathedral Administrator, Archdiocesan Business Manager and the chair of the Archbishop’s Restoration Advisory Committee.


The Commission’s principal purpose is to undertake fundraising on behalf of the St Mary’s Cathedral Restoration Appeal Incorporated, providing advice and recommendations to that Association and contracting/oversighting works at the direction of the Archbishop and with the appropriate technical oversight from the Advisory Committee.


Projects delivered by the Commission thus far include the Cathedral Parish Centre, which rests above the newly completed Cathedral Crypt. Recently interred in the crypt were the remains of former Archbishops D’Arcy, Young and Tweedy. Bishop Robert William Willson, Hobart’s first bishop, was interred in May 2017 after having been repatriated from Nottingham, England where he died in 1866.

Please complete the contact form if you would like further information regarding making a donation or bequest to the St Mary's Cathedral Parish.

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