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Altar Serving

We have a team of dedicated Altar Servers in our parish who serve across various Masses  and liturgical events at both Churches.  Our Altar Servers are of varying ages and all receive training and guidance as they progress in their journey in this ministry.  Please contact the Cathedral office if your child is interested in contributing to our parish community as an Altar Server.

"I think young people should altar serve because instead of watching  the mass you can help out the priest or archbishop.  It is also a lot of fun to altar serve, as most people hate the incense with the charcoal as an altar serve you will like start to like the smell of the incense and find it is not that bad.

I would like to encourage young people who go to mass to come and help& learn to altar serve as it is a lot of fun to help the church community and also the priest and archbishop with mass."  Meg Pinelli

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